Secrets of Handicapping Horses

Handicapping horses is quite challenging to both amateurs and experienced players alike. Hours and hours of studying racing programs, stat sheets, top trainer / jockey percentages, beyer statistics and more. As an experienced player of over 25 years of thoroughbred horse racing I knew that somewhere within all of these racing program statistics I can formulate a way to find winners.

I could never understand why certain races, after seeing the results, annoyed me to the point where I said "I should have had that horse" or "Why didn't I see this before the race"! How many times must I leave a horse racing parlor saying the same old words...should of, would of and could of!

Do you do this also? Do not feel alone, it's part of the handicappers woe when it comes to horse racing. Which is exactly why I got fed up with saying these things and sat down to figure out the "secrets" in the statistics.

Something in the daily racing program always points out the winner, but you need to spot this ... before the race starts!

I approached each race type i.e. Stakes, Allowance, Maiden, etc. and was determined to "spot" a "down and dirty" "quick and easy" way of picking a horse that was going win .... and pay handsomely. After a long time of trial and error I did find some "secrets" in the daily racing statistics that gave me the edge for finding winner's. It took quite some time but I was determined to produce several horse racing systems, one for each race type, that I can apply and win at with basically no complications whatsoever. Handicapping horses and winning methods go hand in hand in thoroughbred horse racing.

If handicapping horses is your game then you can easily relate to what I am trying to point out about the "secrets of horse racing". Understanding this concept will give you the encouragement, confidence and the determination it takes to approach each race and strive to the winner's circle. No more "should of, could of and would of" for me..I'm done with those words. And I want to share these secrets with each and every horse player out there who deserves the knowledge and perseverance of being a professional handicapper.

One year of trial and error. One year of creating spreadsheets with win percentages for every type of horse race. I had reviewed many angles and many "spot" plays in the past, but these simplified handicapping systems are truly viable and recommended for the person who enjoys handicapping horses.

I also recommend you visit my Free horse racing system, actually there are two free systems posted on this website for your handicapping pleasure.

Secrets of handicapping horses

are usually not secrets at all. Experienced handicappers are self-educated, keeping their handicapping knowledge close to their vest, sort of speak. Twenty five years of reading the past performances plus knowing the "day to day operations" of thoroughbred horse racing can produce some powerful winning angles.

Thoroughbred Horse Racing Systems and Methodologies reveals 6 secrets of handicapping horses.

After years of research I have finally developed several horse racing systems. Each system has its own win percentage and the results to prove it to be a winning method.

Each racing system is simple in structure and simple to apply.
All you need is the daily racing program, limited knowledge of the racing program, and these proven legal horse betting systems to pave your way to a winning success

A total of 6 top percentage horse racing systems. Each of these winning methods can be applied to each thoroughbred horse race currently being run across all circuits. Here's what you get:

  • 1 System for all Maiden Races
  • 1 System for all Claiming Races
  • 1 System for all Allowance Races
  • 1 System for all Handicap and Stakes Races
  • 1 System for ALL types of races!

Now you can own 6 new different strategies to approach all types of races at any thoroughbred racetrack. Winning results for each system have been recorded. "Proof" that these winning systems actually work. I developed these secrets of handicapping for amateurs and professionals alike who enjoy "winning" at the track.

This book was in the TOP 10 Handicapping Items List of 2007 by Phillips Racing Newsletter!

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Vincent Conti has over 30 years of thoroughbred horse experience, including 7 years of tutoring amateur and veteran horse players alike. A columnist for Lotto Stats magazine, Vince has a personal taste for Lotteries and Daily Numbers.

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